The Grizzly Bear Sanctuary offers exclusive Brown Bear (Ursus arctos ) tours into Alaska's Katmai National Park on the Alaskan Peninsula. This remote Alaska bear viewing area has the highest concentration of Coastal Brown Bears (Grizzly Bears) in the world. Bear photo safaris for families, nature and wildlife photographers. We offer guided bear tours and wildlife viewing from our boat. Fly in by float plane from Kodiak Island for bear watching of the coastal brown bears feeding on salmon in the rivers. We offer the world's best bear photography.
Exclusive and Remote Alaskan Brown Bear Photography
We specialize in Alaskan brown bear (grizzly bears) viewing in Katmail National Park and Preserve.
Professionally guided bear watching tours of the coastal brown bear upon our private boat.
Access to see these magnificent brown bears is by float plane from Kodiak. Welcomed photographers,
naturalists, bird viewers and conservationists of the environment and protection of brown bears, grizzly bears.
Located in Katmai Park with as many brown bears as Brooks Falls and the McNeil river..
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